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Root mass expansion
Nutrient access and uptake
Drought tolerance

MycoApply® EndoPrime®

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Planting After a Flood Year: What Growers Should Know

MycoApply EndoPrime is a plant and soil enhancement product that contains four species of mycorrhizal fungi, a naturally occurring beneficial fungi that exists in the soil. When found in the soil, mycorrhizae impact:

  • Crop yield
  • Root and shoot biomass
  • N, P, K and some trace mineral uptake
  • Water uptake during moisture stress
  • Plant performance in different soil environments
  • Overall soil health year-to-year

Applied in-furrow at planting, MycoApply EndoPrime uses four unique species of mycorrhizal fungi to help improve nutrient efficiency, drought tolerance and yield potential. The mycorrhizae bond with the seedlings from the start to give them an advantage from the beginning. MycoApply EndoPrime is approved for use on corn, cotton and peanuts.

Corn Confidence

We’re so confident that your acre value will increase with MycoApply EndoPrime that we’ll give you your money back, up to $9 per treated acre, if you don’t see results. The MycoApply EndoPrime Corn Confidence Program is designed to help growers maximize their investments in soil health when applying MycoApply EndoPrime from Valent U.S.A.

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MycoApply EndoPrime has both near and long-term benefits to your land and soil.

Root Mass Expansion

The beneficial fungi in mycorrhizae create a structure called hyphae, which attach to root hairs and access areas inaccessible to big roots. The mycorrhizae rapidly establish into the plant root and expand its vascular network beyond the root and into the soil. Overall, this provides up to 50 times more root absorption area. By expanding the reach of your crop’s roots, it can reach more water and nutrients deep in the soil, helping it to stay healthy all season long.

Drought Tolerance

Corn is uniquely sensitive to high temperatures and water stress. Hyphae give the seedlings better access to nutrients at critical stages of their growth cycle, meaning that any stress your crop might experience will have a lesser effect on your yield. Mycorrhizae create vesicles, which store resources until needed by the plant to help protect it from the effects of drought stress. The hyphal network also helps the crop to better penetrate the soil to access minuscule amounts of water that is unreachable for larger roots.

Nutrient Access & Uptake

The mycorrhizae expand the corn plant’s root absorption area, going beyond the depletion zone to access nutrients and water that would normally not be available to the plant, increasing plant health and tolerance to stress. The mycorrhizae also create a network of hyphae that release enzymes that convert “tied up” nutrients in the soil, especially phosphorous and zinc, making them available to the plant. Corn plants typically do not fully absorb the available fertilizer but mycorrhizae fungi access, absorb, and transport nutrients directly to the root. This provides the support your crop needs from start to finish by helping provide consistent moisture for seed set and adequate nutrients for kernel size and quality. Less stress on your plant means a higher yield at harvest.

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