Get more out of your land, while giving back to the earth.


It’s all about taking care of your land so your land can take care of you, your operation, and everyone who depends on the crops you produce.

Valent Sustainable Solutions has a global endorsement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) so that we can help growers produce safe and abundant food. There are many factors that impact the planet and aligning with the SDGs allows us to focus efforts on priority areas that impact you and your operation.





We offer a variety products that protect the long-term viability of your earth – from improved soil health to efficient water management – all without negative environmental impacts. 

Here are a few of the products we offer to help achieve a viable and profitable operation:


MycoApply soil health products contain a diverse combination of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi species to help improve nutrient efficiency, drought tolerance and yield potential. These beneficial fungi rapidly establish a symbiotic relationship with the plant, producing hyphae that can access small soil spaces that root hairs can’t. These hyphae expand beyond the root zone, increasing the root surface area by as much as 50 times and produce enzymes which release tightly bound nutrients in the soil. Keep your advantage – nurture your soil today to ensure that future harvests are just as bountiful.

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DiTera® Nematicide

DiTera provides protection against plant-parasitic nematodes that damage grape, vegetable, fruit and nut crops. DiTera protects the plant from nematode damage, allowing for healthy root development, efficient uptake of nutrients and water, optimum plant growth and sustainable economic yields.

Through its unique mode of action, DiTera consistently accomplishes this without having a detrimental impact on the environment. All DiTera formulations have an excellent mammalian and non-target toxicity profile. DiTera DF, a dry flowable formulation, and DiTera ES, a liquid formulation, can be used to control nematodes on grapes, pineapples, nut crops, pome fruit, stone fruit, citrus, leafy vegetables and brassica crops.

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